About Us

Our Benefits

• International standard of medical care
• International diagnostic and treatment protocols
• English, Russian ,Greek, German, Czech and Polish speaking staff
• Full spectrum of primary and secondary care including family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and occupational medicine.
• Medical assistance and ambulance services 24/7
• Experienced in facilitating international medical evacuation
• International insurance direct billing
• VIP Client Assistance

Our vision is to become the most reliable and recognized private ambulance and home care services company in Cyprus, providing the highest quality medical escort services available to patients and travelers in need of medical care.
Our mission is to provide quality & safe transportation services for patients and travelers in need of medical care and residents to care for patients or tourists at their place of residence with the ultimate goal of maintaining satisfied customers / patients.
To achieve the above, we aim to:

  • In cooperation only with reputable and approved suppliers / partners
  • In zeroing the complaints of the interested parties
  • To increase patient satisfaction and / or other stakeholders
  • In the implementation of actions to promote the services of our company
  • In reducing internal errors
  • To increase the efficiency of our employees through the provision of incentives, training and a healthy work environment.

Company values

  • Honesty and integrity of character
  • Teamwork, communication and collaboration
  • Responsibility in the execution of services
  • Confidentiality, ethical ethics and transparency
  • Appetite for continuous training
  • Respect for the client / patient
  • Providing incentives and support from the Management
  • Continuous Improvement

All the above compose the culture of our company which invests in people
which shares the above and which promotes quality through its services
of our company and who cares about the customer.

Medical Services LTD is dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care available using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from United States and European Union. We are committed to providing evidence-based medicine, practiced by the best trained clinicians available, in a clean, safe facility, where quality-assurance is paramount, using a Western patient-centered delivery of care system.

Msc. Milada Alexandrou, PhD, DiS., MBA

Milada is a registered nurse and has a working experience of 15 years as a surgical assistant in operating theatres in both Cyprus and Czech Republic. She received her Bc. title in nursing care and her MBA in management and medical enterprises. She has a PhD-University of Applied Management and working on different projects for leading companies in Cyprus as well as in the foreign market.

She is the author of the book

You are not alone-All you need to know about caring for the ones you love
ISBN-13: 978-620-2-68071-4


Contact Details: Email: info@medicalservicescy.com