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Services with 24 hour company’s medical center specializes in evaluation, supervision and care services for subscribers if they need medical transports – whether at home, from hospital, the office or from abroad. We bring the most advanced medicine into the home of our subscribers, listen carefully and improve their and their families’ quality of living.
Medical Services Ltd offers private ambulance hire either for emergencies or as transfer services for wheelchair, stretcher bound or walk- on patients. Our transport services cover Cyprus and our ambulance is equipped based on the Ministry of Health standards with trained nurse, doctor – the defibrillators and medicines. It is fully equipped with oxygen facilities fitted with floor tracking to.


• Transport to patients that need to get to a clinic or doctor appointment
• Transfers for wheelchair, walk on patients or stretcher bound to and from the hospital
• Transfer for patients that need intensive care with nursing/ doctor staff for the duration of their journey
• Event Medical Cover

For more information, price enquires or to book an appointment email us at or contact us at +35797810529 or +35725387139.