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SOS Alarm Clock (Button)



UNIQUE OFFER IN CYPRUS: A comfortable, lifesaving device specifically designed to help the elderly, disabled and sensitive people.

The SOS alarm clock is a comfortable, life-saving device designed to help the elderly, people with special needs and sensitive people. It is also extremely useful for anyone living alone or with long-term medical education. Also, offered to people after surgery and people with special skills. Many elderly people prefer to be independent, living in a house or apartment that they have known for years. The problem with this is if something happens that nobody knows, or needs a little while before someone finds it.

Peace and independence wherever you are. This small SOS button uses mobile technology, it works anywhere there is a mobile signal.

Alarm-device purchase 280 euro.
Service on call of our team is 365 euro (1 euro per day for services), but only if you do not have a set up for a family member or somebody else.

How to get the SOS clock? Call +357 7000 68 86 and our specialized staff will schedule a meeting at your location.